Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Is Custom Club Fitting?

Basically it is a process to fit your clubs to your golfing style … the way you play not the way you dress!

It’s like when you decide to tailor your clothes instead of buying "off the rack". People are shaped differently, and so too their golfing style.

During club fitting, the clubmaker will sit with you and discuss your current equipment, your game, etc, and measure and evaluate your current clubs. You may be asked to hit some balls to determine, among others, your swing speed, impact pattern and ball flight.

Then the clubmarker will discuss with you the appropriate shaft based on these findings and will offer you a selection of clubheads and grips that will match your needs. Some of the things that the club maker will analyze for you are:

 Lie Angle
 Shaft Types
 Shaft Flexes
 Club Length
 Grip Size
 Grip Type

The clubmaker will then custom made your new set of clubs based on your specifications.


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