Thursday, March 02, 2006

Golf Tips - Getting Started

So you are thinking of taking up GOLF and you want to know what's the next step?

Well, my advice is - don't go on a spending spree to buy the shoes, clubs, gloves ... basically the whole works, just yet.

I know you are pretty excited to join the ranks but first, have a try out at the driving range and see if you are going to like the game, and patient enough to stay in the game.

People take up Golf for various reasons ... whatever it is, it's for the better if you enjoy doing it as well, right?

Just think about it ... spending 4 hours at the course at a time, then the regular workouts at the driving range ... plus the money spent on equipment, coaches, green fees ...

Therefore, go to the driving range with a friend or relative and give golf a try first ...


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