Friday, March 10, 2006

Golf Term - What's an Eagle?

An Eagle - common name for large predatory birds of the family Falconidae ( hawk family), found in all parts of the world. Eagles are similar to the buteos, or buzzard hawks, but are larger both in length and in wingspread (up to 7 1/2 ft/228 cm) and have beaks nearly as long as their heads.

That's what an Eagle to an ordinary man in the street!

To golfers, an Eagle is similar in description to a Birdie, which is a lower score from a hole's par. However, instead of just one score lower, the golfer scores two shots below.

For example:
Al is at the Par 5 hole number 18. He holes it with his third shot. Thus, he has shot two score below the average 5 shots for the hole - he has made an eagle.
Similarly, if it is a Par 4 hole, Al scored with his second shot.


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