Friday, March 17, 2006

Golf Tips - How Long To Practice Before Trying Out The Golf Course?

So you have hired a coach, listen attentively to whatever the coach tells you at each session, and also practice rigorously at the driving range. But surely one day you will ask for how long?
This is what I think:
First of all, you are not really preparing for a tournament or the professional circuit, right? Thus, there's no need to be overly concerned about whether you are ready or not.
At the range, do you feel comfortable with your game? Have you got your swing rhythm? And, have you try out the putting green?
If YES are your answers, then, I guess you are as ready as anybody can be. Get a seasoned golfer to play with you and he or she will be able to give you a tip or two. Have fun and don't worry about the score!
But, before you go out on the golf course, please read up the RULE BOOK especially the ETIQUETTE section. This is to avoid any untoward incident while you are out there.
Remember, have fun while you are out there!


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